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Washer Maytag

Model : MHN30PN
1. Robust construction. Durable quality stailess steel panel & drum, acid and alkali resistance. corrosion free
2. Microprocessor control. user friendly and easy programmable. 5 pre set programs and 25 programmable. setting washing period, time, frequency at will. Optional hand operation control.
3. Mechanical suspension shock structure, cobination of large diameter spring and hydraulic damper, prefect running, low noise, 100% free-standing
4. Large door opening makes loading and unloading easy.
5. Integrated Safety door locking system.
6. Soap dispensers, corrosion free.
7. Air regulated system for drain and inlet valves
8. Hot/cold fill. Steam/electric heated. Remote lubricating.
9. Imported CTTO viton seal. multiple sealing system, oil sealing, water sealing, stainless steel sealing. o leakage.
10.Japanese NSK beaaring, precise and durable.
11.Importrd Siemens chip inverter system, realizing washing and extracting stepless adjusting.

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